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[EN] General rules Empty [EN] General rules

le Dim 14 Mai 2017, 20:23

Terra-Nova rpg rules

By creating your character sheet you are agreeing to respect the following rules.

1. General rules

  • Any content of racist, xenophobic, discriminating and pornographic nature is strictly prohibited. If the content is not removed within 24 hours following a staff member's request, your account will be suspended until you appeal the decision.

  • Respect between members is key, we will not tolerate any insults towards an other member.

  • Content of messages must be written in a readable English, this means no sms language. There are many tools available in order to correct spelling, we suggest you use them.

  • Any advertising content, or sale of services is prohibited and will lead to an immediate suspension for an indefinite period.

2. Considering roleplay

  • Roleplays between multiple players must be decided between the concerned parties who want to participate, they must both agree on the outcome. You cannot enter a story unless the original author(s) allow you to do so.

  • Fighting between several players is allowed, however the consequences, injuries and outcome must be approved by all players involved.

  • Multiple accounts: You are allowed to have up to 3 active accounts / characters. Contact any staff member for help if you want to disable an account.

3. Writing

  • When writing a story, a writing standard must be chosen and respected by the different authors who write in the story. Thus, a continuity of style will be respected and thus will facilitate reading.

  • A minimum of ten lines is requested per message.

  • Discussions between player characters may be in a single message, however people need to agree on the content of the conversation. You can contact us via private messaging to decide the conversation.

  • We ask you to avoid as much as possible posting unfinished messages in group role plays so as not to slow down other members.

4. Operation

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