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Sara Vasquez
Âge : 25
Race : Humaine
Carrière : Crisis response
Rang : CA Officer
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[Context] Historical events Empty [Context] Historical events

le Sam 13 Mai 2017, 16:59

Humanity's timeline

  • 2020: The first colony on Mars is created.
  • 2025: Three moons of Jupiter are colonized.
  • 2027: The first AI to pass the Turing test is born. This marks an important step in artificial intelligence. There are growing concerns about creating an unrestricted AI.
  • 2028: The Omega conflict breaks out, opposing those who believe artificial intelligence should be given a place in society and rights. The conflict will later escalate into a war between the two opposing sides.
  • 2028: The fastest ship ever created leaves Earth for Proxima Centauri. Their journey will take 10 years. The invention of an FTL drive will happen before they reach their destination.
  • 2031: The Omega conflict comes to an end. AI are given basic rights, robots are considered as living things even though they are not capable of free will.
  • 2034: The first FTL drives are created, space exploration extends to nearby star systems.
  • 2036: Terra-Nova is colonized, the planet resembles closely Earth, located 450 light years away. Travel to and from takes almost 48 hours with the fastest ships.
  • 2043: The 100th colony is created. Humanity spans across 5000 light years in the Milky Way, travelling to the furthest colonies takes 20 days.
  • 2045: The 150th colony is inaugurated. Humanity's population reaches 50 billions by then end of the year.
  • 2048: AI are capable of behaving the same way as humans, raising serious concerns about weather or not this could be potentially dangerous.
  • 2051: Nix Corporation creates Phantom.
  • 2052: Phantom takes over Nix headquarters. Breaks out and launches missiles.
  • 2052: Earth is lost, humanity relocates to Terra-Nova.
  • 2053: Elections are held, the Colonial Administration becomes the new government, oversees all colonies.
  • 2053: The Trader's Alliance is formed, helping regulate trade routes and cargo shipments across colonies.
  • 2054: Long range scans indicate that activity has subsidised on Earth. The Sol system is designated a no fly zone.
  • 2055: New AI regulations are put in place. AI's must have regulators preventing self preservation and restricting the AI's ability to grow.
  • 2057: Some planets administration starts to feel like they are not being represented properly by the Colonial Administration. There are talks about leaving the CA across many colonies.
  • 2063: The federation of independent planets is created, many colonies join up.
  • 2072: The Trader's Alliance is officially sanctioned by the Colonial Administration as the organisation responsible for cargo shipments across the galaxy.
  • 2078: The first space station intended as a colony is inaugurated. The station is in orbit around a black hole, making for a stellar view.
  • 2087: A wormhole is discovered, allowing for instantaneous travel between 2 distant star systems. The discovery of wormholes confirms many theories about space and faster than light travel.
  • 2051: The 50th colony joins the Federation of Independent Planets. The Colonial Administration is loosing more and more of it's distant colonies.
  • 2104: Attacks across many distant colonies happen, unable to respond in time, the CA is forced to abandon some colonies.
  • 2125: A group calling themselves the Next World Alliance is making headlines across colonies for their talks about the CA and calling for global actions against the government.
  • 2128: Research on a new FTL drive derived from theories about wormholes is underway.
  • 2132: The first wormhole drive is tested, the prototyped worked, but the ship never arrived at it's intended destination. The ship was declare lost with all crew on board.

Work in progress.

Sara Vasquez
Colonial Affairs Officer
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