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Sara Vasquez
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[Context] Factions and groups Empty [Context] Factions and groups

le Ven 12 Mai 2017, 23:18


Divided across the universe, human kind separated in many organisations or factions. But, humanity is not alone amongst the stars.

Colonial Administration

Since the shift from Earth to Terra-Nova, the CA was the only organisation capable of keeping the peace. Humanity used to be united under the UN government, relying on the CA to oversee colonies. At the time the CA was the government in charge of coordinating the UN with all colonies governments. After the Phantom incident, the Colonial Administration stepped up to contain the situation. Elections were held quickly and the CA was repurposed as the new Government.

United Clans

When everything was lost on Earth, billions were left behind to die. Despite Phantom's best efforts, some humans survived. As the "war" ended, Phantom was believed to be dead, or at the very least incapable of further actions. For the following years it was all man for himself. People eventually started forming clans and alliances. The United Clans was born out of alliances between all clans on the north American continent. There was no way of knowing if people survived elsewhere on Earth, there is still almost no tech available around, everything was either destroyed of fried during the war.

Federation of Independent Planets

Following the incident back on Earth, many colonists lost faith in the united nations and the colonial administration. They decided to distance themselves from the CA and form their own alliance. Without any support form the CA, many of the colonies we abandoned due to many issues with planet viability. The federation of independent planets is in somewhat good terms with the CA, but recent extremists groups have threatened the situation.

The Next World Alliance

In the last 10 years the extremist group of the next world alliance have been actively attacking colonies under the Colonial Administration's power in order to free them as they claim. Tensions between the Federation and the CA have rose up following the firsts attacks. They have gained a lot of support from colonies further away from Terra-Nova.


Alien race located on the far reaches of the Milky Way. They have observed the humans from very far, first contact has not occurred so far. Their civilisation is as advanced as humanity, reaching out to many planets. They did not observe any other specie capable of space travel in the milky way.

Trader's Alliance

Moving cargo around was especially difficult when Earth was lost, not many trade routes were left. Many space ships owners decided they would get their share. Many of them started transporting cargo around, from one colony to an other. The Trader's Alliance was created as a way to regulate cargo shipments. The Trader's Alliance became officially endorsed by the Colonial Administration.

Work in progress.

Sara Vasquez
Colonial Affairs Officer
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